Tammi Wilson lost her husband, Richie Wilson, to COVID-19 last November.

Since then, she has struggled to pay the bills, which ultimately led to her being evicted from her home in September of this year.

Tammi had been on the verge of homelessness until neighbors, friends and family made sure she had everything she needed to keep her safe and warm this winter. Several of Tammi’s friends and even people she didn’t know supported her.

Her belongings are now on her former neighbors’ property as she continues to clear items from her Davenport home.

Additionally, Tammi has been offered her own apartment — free of rent — until she gets back on her feet.  

“My church paid one month rent for me, and they put gas in my car and food if I need it,” said Wilson. “Members in my church make sure I’m OK. They have been coming over, helping me move, and one of the ladies in the church just dropped me off something to eat,” said Wilson.

After the challenging year she has faced, she has recently accepted a new job and will live in Rock Island with her two dogs.

Grief counseling is available, and resources are available here.