A deer makes as a surprising intruder at an Eldridge retirement community

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ELDRIDGE, Iowa- A woman at an Eldridge retirement home is speaking out after a wild break-in there Tuesday night.

It happened at the Grand Haven Retirement Community around 8:45 pm. Some people got startled when they heard glass shatter.They looked and saw a deer running through the halls. Police officers and deputies managed to get the into a hallway to an open door where it took off into the night. Nobody was hurt in any of it.Just a lot of broken glass.

” So it jumped through the lower half of this window,” says manager of Grand Haven Julie Newell, as she points at the damaged window. She adds, “about 8:45 last night we had a- the staff here heard a crash and we had a young buck deer with a rack of antlers who had jumped through a glass window in one of our hall ways.”

The shattered window was surprisingly just the extent of damage caused by the young buck. It did make its way through the hall and even tried to find its way out. Eventually the deer found an exit and disappeared into the night. The retirement home manager says a four legged animal was the last type of resident they’d expect to see. “It’s crazy, i said i knew grand haven was a popular place but i didn’t know how many folks could want to break in to come and stay with us,” Newell shares.

Another resident tells me this is shocking news to her quiet community.

Have you ever heard of anything like that happen here before? I ask resident Barbara Mohr. She responds, “never. And I’ve lived here since the building opened.”

And of course this morning the break-in was the latest hot gossip. “Its going to be the hot topic, that’s for sure. Well it is for the whole town for it to get into a building. We have the deer going through the back yards all the way through town,” says Mohr.

What’s more surprising is that only a few heard the raucous.
And that there was no serious damage. Newell says, “we were so lucky that nobody was hurt and no major damage except for the window.”

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