39-year-old Amani Kamata was identified by Rock Island police Monday morning, after being found with a fatal gunshot wound. Police say the victim was shot by an unidentified suspect.

Shortly after, his wife Kayobe Likezo received a call saying that something had happened to her husband. 

“Somebody called me and said, ‘Hey, there’s something that you need to see.’ I got over there and I found him lying on the ground,” said Likezo.

Amani and Kayobe first moved to the Quad Cities in 2012, but after eight years of marriage, they decided to part ways.

“On June 30th of 2020, Amani and I separated. I have been living with my four kids, but he was allowed to see his four kids every Sunday,” said Likezo.

She says after separating, Amani struggled to find a home, but still maintained a relationship with his children. Eventually, Amani became homeless.

“He did rent an apartment, but the owner of the house told him to get out because he couldn’t pay rent, so after that he would ask people for help. So that was his life,” said Likezo.

She recalled that he was “a friendly guy who knew a lot of people.”

Kayobe says Amani was loved by many, especially his children.

“They loved their dad so much. When he came over, they were always laughing and playing together. They are so upset that he is gone,” she said.

The now widow-ed Kayobe is asking for help to lay her husband to rest.

“I am struggling with his burial and funeral cost, so I’m asking for help. If anyone could help me right now, I’d really appreciate it.”

Kayobe Likezo has started a GoFundMe page to raise money. To learn more about Amani’s story or donate, click here.