A dog allegedly being beaten inside a car has caught the attention of many on social media

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A video of a dog allegedly being beaten inside a car at a grocery store parking lot in Davenport has caught the attention of many on social media, and now, the police.

The witness who took the footage says he was waiting for his wife inside their car when he saw the incident unfold right in front of him. That’s when he decided to record the incident and call the police.

Gabrielle Weeks from King’s Harvest Animal Shelter says she’s glad someone saw the incident and decided to record what was happening.

“If it wasn’t for him, nobody probably would have known, so yeah, keep it up, and thank you for making everybody aware,” said Weeks.

The incident happened Friday afternoon at the Hy-Vee parking lot, located on East Kimberly Road and Eastern Avenue. The witness who got the footage called the police and reported the incident as it was taking place.

According to the Davenport Police Department, they had to close the case because there wasn’t enough information.

“The car was gone, so there was nothing to follow up on. We were unable to locate anybody involved with it,” said Cpl. Brian Heick.

Law enforcement say it’s important to get specific information to be able to solve cases and have recommendations.

“Video or plate numbers, if vehicles are involved. Plate numbers and state. Descriptions of the people involved. Description of the animal, if it is an animal incident,” said Cpl. Heick.

As for Weeks, she’s glad to see people taking action when they see animals getting abused.

“I think people stepping up and reporting when they see it and just staying on top of it, knowing who to report to, I think that’s a wonderful thing for him to do,” said Weeks.

Police say, if the man was identified, he could’ve faced animal cruelty charges.

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