A landmark in downtown Moline is now a hundred years old.

The LeClaire Apartments opened in 1922, at 421 19th St. At the time, it was known as the LeClaire Hotel and the owners converted it into an apartment building in 1993. This year, LeClaire Apartments is celebrating the building by paying tribute to its past.

We spoke with the property manager, Nylah Berner, who has been with the company now for two years. She shared with us the history of the building and how you can still sense the history of the building today.

“You can feel the history. I think a lot of it, you can’t see a lot of it but when you’re here and you kind of like walk the hallways, you can feel the history.”

Turning a century old on December 22 of this year, LeClaire Apartments are honored to celebrate their historic value in the community.

“When I started, they kind of were already on the forefront like, we got a 100 year celebration coming up,” so it’s been something I’ve been thinking about for a couple years now. “

A location once known as the “hotel to be” has hosted many important guests in the past, and today the building pays tribute to them.

“Back in the day, it was one of the most prominent hotels in the area. There’s actually a newspaper article that says, ‘LeClaire Hotel Prime Rib Room number one place to stay in the area.’ This was a place where presidents would come and stay and celebrities and stuff like that. All of our apartments are named after people that have stayed in the building before once when it was a hotel we’ve had Nat King Cole, Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra… the list goes on.”

A lot of the original parts of the building are still in use.

“A lot of this stuff is exactly the same as what it used to be. So like our floors in our lobby, our lobby as a whole is the original. We have pictures that will show like exactly where the front desk used to be and where the mailbox is, the elevators are the original, everything is still the original. Our mailbox in the middle of our elevators. It’s an old mailbox but it’s still an outgoing mailbox that we use everyday.”

More events will be held in the coming weeks to celebrate the building’s 100th year.

There are also some renovations in the works, including upgrading the elevator.