The Muhoza family came to the Quad Cities in 2019 — to Rock Island — after spending 15 years in a refugee camp in east Africa.

Originally from Congo, they relocated to Burundi to live in a refugee camp. The Muhoza family says that living conditions at the camp were very poor and eventually their father Norbert Ndahindwa Muhoza grew ill.

Norbert first got sick back in 2015, with what he described as “a hole in his stomach.” In order to get the proper care he needed, he came to the United States, by way of World Relief. Norbert’s wife and eight kids were able to come with him, but because of his son Freddy’s marital status, Freddy had to stay behind.

That was until about a week ago, when Freddy, his wife and their two kids came to the Quad Cities. The Muhoza family say that they are extremely grateful for World Relief Quad Cities.

“I thank God the World Relief Quad Cities a lot — that’s our mother,” Norbert’s son Edouard Iranzi Muhoza said.