A look back at a year of officer-involved shootings

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Having to discharge a weapon while in the line of duty is a difficult decision with high stakes.

That’s the pressure, and the life, of being a police officer or a sheriff’s deputy. Their job description involves constantly putting themselves in harm’s way.

In the process of responding to calls, they’ve had to use their firearms a handful of times locally.

Since last April, there have been six officer-involved shootings in the Quad Cities. Local 4 News has been following each of those.

One of them was a deadly shooting at a Rock Island convenience store this week, where 25-year-old DeShawn Tatum was killed and three officers were injured.

We take a closer look at those incidents over the last year.

Bullets have been flying all over the Quad Cities the past few years. This has put officers at greater risk while in the field.

Since last April, officers have had to pull out a gun and shoot suspects six times in the past year.

The first incident occurred on April 25, when officers responded to a domestic disturbance where two women were reportedly being held against their will at an apartment on the 2900 block of 5th Avenue – 37-year-old Kevin Shaw was seen jumping out the window of an apartment. Investigators say officers yelled at him to stop, but once he climbed over a fence he pointed a gun, which is when officers fired their guns at him.

Local 4 obtained this body cam video from the incident. Shaw later died as a result of multiple gunshot wounds. A member of that task force says  there are measures in place to ensure the integrity of the investigation.

“To keep everything non-biased, our state’s attorney general makes the final conclusion of what type of charges or clearing the officer,”

just over a month later during a night of civil unrest, officers in an unmarked car were ambushed in a pursuit near Myrtle Street and gunfire was exchanged. Investigators say 23-year-old Marquis Tousant was found dead as a result. Six people ended up being arrested.

On Sept. 3, police were called to a home in Bettendorf that was a daycare. There, a man was holding a knife to a 4-year-old’s throat. Police say when they arrived they saw Tim Clevenger holding a sharp object and believed him to be an immediate threat to multiple children around him, which led to an officer shooting Clevenger. Neighbors in the area said that they appreciated the officer’s actions to eliminate a possible threat.

“I feel like the cop did what was necessary. They have a hard enough job. If they need to take a man’s life because he’s threatening a kid, then they have to take a man’s life because he’s threatening a young kid’s life, I’m sorry.”

The whole incident left other neighbors looking for answers.

“There’s a lot of questions I got, me and my wife. And I got two kids that live over there with us. So there’s a lot of unanswered questions.”

All three of those shootings were deemed justified after the investigations concluded.

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