A memorial for Paul: Friends & family remember drowning victim

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Dozens gather to pay tribute to 'Pauly D'

Dozens of people came out tonight to remember a man who was found in the Mississippi River about two weeks ago.

“Bless each and every one of them as they remember the precious time that he was here with us,” a pastor said, beginning the memorial for Paul Domine at the pavilion near Davenport’s Skybridge.

Local 4 News spoke directly with Domine about a year ago about how to help people like him who are homeless.

Tonight, his friends shared stories of ‘Pauly D.’

Even acquaintances showed up to pay their respects.

One attendee said Pauly had forced his way into many people’s hearts.

A handful of groups that help homeless people were also represented, like Humility Homes and Services and Saving the Perfect Stranger.

There were people who had met Pauly just once before, like a man going for a run who stopped to talk.

“Can I help you in any way, are you hungry? He said, ‘Yeah, I’m hungry,’ So I went and got him a taco at the store and pop and we sat there for a few moments and chatted. So, that’s how I met him,” says Scott Searle, founder of Food for Thought.

Others had known Pauly his whole life, like his dad, who says tonight’s attendance showed how many people cared about his son and that his son may have never even realized it.

“He was a loving son. He was well loved and he got along real good with people and he was just a loving boy all the way through. I think this is just great what people are doing. I didn’t realize he had that many friends for being homeless,” says Paul’s father, David Domine.

David says he doesn’t know how his son ended up being homeless or in the Mississippi River.

He says his son was always optimistic about getting back on his feet and hopes that message sticks with other people.

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