A Moline man credits a coronavius scare for saving his life

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A man in Moline credits a coronavirus scare for saving his life.

Donald Lind says he started having symptoms like shortness of breath, loss of appetite and coughing.

Lind says he went to the doctor to get tested for the coronavirus. The results came back negative, but doctors discovered he had a rare type of cancer called sarcoma.

Lind says he had a cough for years, so at first, he wasn’t too concerned when he wasn’t feeling well but called his doctor after knowing the risk of the coronavirus.

“Because of the coronavirus, it more or less saved my life. I would have never known about it,” says Lind.

Lind says one of the symptoms of coronavirus, which is coughing, is something he has had for years. So at first, he wasn’t too alarmed.

“We thought it was just his bronchitis because he gets it every year,” says Lind’s wife Maria Lind.

It was when he went to get tested for the virus. The results negative, but doctors discovered something else.

“I would have never thought I would have cancer,” says Lind.

Lind was diagnosed with sarcoma cancer. A rare type that grows in tissues like bones and muscles. With the diagnosis already tough to deal with, he says what made it even more difficult was that due to the virus, he had to be there alone.

“Because of the coronavirus, she wasn’t able to be with me. So when they told me I had cancer, I didn’t have anybody there to really lean on,” says Lind.

Although getting the news was devastating, Lind says he is grateful that he is able to get the treatment he needs.

“I got the best doctors, five specialists and it’s just testing my faith now. I’ve handed everything to God. I’ve finally accepted it, but I think by putting it on TV and knowing what some of these symptoms are, I may just be able to help one person. I hope,” says Lind.

The next step, Lind will have surgery at the University of Iowa Hospital. That’s scheduled for June 5. After that, he will start radiation treatments.

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