A new store in Moline brings joy to two local families

Local News

A couple from Moline launched Karleigh’s Resale Shop 10 days ago and they picked two families to give $100 to each to shop at the store.

Owner Leigh Timbrock was surprised to see how many people responded to the announcement on Facebook.

“We had over 100 nominations. we’ve been getting messages nonstop. people have a real need the need is great,” said Timbrock.

James Mosley was on of the winners and said things have been rough for him in the pandemic.
“I lost my job I worked for the ball park in Davenport basically been on unemployment ever since,” said Mosley.

He doesn’t know who nominated him but is thankful he’ll be able to buy presents for his two children.

“I haven’t seen them almost the whole time that COVID’s been going on, I greatly appreicate it and the holidays are around the corner,” said Mosley.

Co-Owner Carl Beatty said they knew they had to help the community right away.

“We don’t have a lot of money to give, but we have a lot of stuff to give so we figured we’d do what we could and offer a couple of families the chance to come here get some clothes get some shoes,” said Beatty.

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