A new study may help groups find a solution for a local bike path

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A new study may help groups find a solution after a local bike path that has become a source of controversy in Iowa.

Riverdale City leader are working to find a plan that will benefit cyclists and neighbors.

Riverdale Mayor Mike Bawden said that the study counts how many people go through Duck Creek bike trial. All of that information will then be used to find a solution that will help bikers get to the Mississippi River trial in a safe way.

“We’re working with bike state metropolitan planning and with the Quad City Bike Club to measure that actual traffic on the trails here in Riverdale both from the Duck Creek Bike trial which is right back here and the Mississippi River Trail which wraps around this neighborhood and runs onto Pleasant Valley,” said Bawden.

“Everyone wants there to be a solution it’s just a matter of taking the time and sending the money necessary to go head make sure some practical solutions.”

David Ring is the President of The Quad City Bike Club and he said that they’re doing their part to help cyclist get to the Mississippi River trail with direction signs.

“Maybe a week and a half ago is when we put them up about the time the traffic study began,” said Ring. “We’ve had a number of very good discussions on what we can do everything from signage to how do we move forward on this project.”

Riverdale’s mayor will talk about the study on Tuesday’s city council meeting. The study should be done mid-July.

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