A postcard in the mail helped save a Galesburg woman’s life

Local News

A woman from Galesburg received a postcard in her mail in September that changed her life.

LaDonna Huizenga was feeling pain in her breast when she received the postcard that told her to get a mammogram.

She hadn’t gotten one since 2007, 12 years ago, so she booked an appointment at OSF St. Mary’s Medical Center. The doctors told her she had cancer.

“I had lots of excuses, I mean and some of them were pretty good, but long and the short of it is, it was cancerous and because of the mammogram, I’m here,” Huizenga said.

Within a week, she had a total mastectomy.

“A mammogram is just one of the things that are in our toolbox of things that we do to be proactive and in my case, the mammogram was very important and I’m sure there are other people out there that mammogram is very important. Get it.”

It’s recommended that women get a mammogram every year after turning 45.

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