A restaurant in Wilton offers free spaghetti dinners for people over 60

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A lot of restaurants are showing different acts of kindness during these times, that’s the case for a restaurant in Wilton.

Gary Brown is the owner of The Sicilian Pizzeris in Wilton and his staff has been preparing free spaghetti dinners for people over 60 years old.

“We’ve been at this since last night we made all the sauces we’re going to need and all the noodles today, we’ve been at it all day too,” said Brown.

They are making the meals especially for them since it’s a group that’s at a higher risk during the COVID-19 novel coronavirus pandemic.

“They shouldn’t be out in this right now so I figured I’d take them a free meal to their house,” said Brown.

This is the first time Annette Steffens and her husband signed up to get a free meal.

“This is kinda a community that takes care of everybody and it’s such a blessing, such a blessing, we’re not suppose to go out and the Sicilian he’s a very good guy,” said Steffens.

Brown said the first time they offered the free spaghetti dinners a little over a hundred people signed up.

As for Steffens she was a special message for Brown and his staff.

“Say thank you very much, we appreciate and value you and you’re doing a world of good and many blessing to you and we can all pay it forward and we just want to thank you very much,” said Steffens.

Employees deliver the meals throughout Wilton and surrounding towns.

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