We’ve gone nearly nine months without knowing what exactly happened to Breasia Terrell.

There was hope. but the worst fears of her family came true today, and more questions remain about what happened to the missing girl.

Davenport Police Chief Paul Sikorski confirmed the remains found near DeWitt last week were indeed Breasia Terrell.

Two men fishing discovered the remains near DeWitt. The autopsy confirmed today they belonged to Breasia.

Davenport Police Chief Paul sikorski had to fight back tears as he brough devastating news to our community. the human remains found in Clinton County have been confirmed to belong to Breasia Terrell.

“This news is heartbreaking to both Breasia’s family and our Davenport community.” Sikorski said.

While the answer to one of the biggest mysteries in the Quad-Cities has been solved, now more questions present themselves.

“This now turns officially in our eyes to a homicide investigation,” Sikorski said. “One of the things that I’ll tell you is we’ve been conducting this investigation over the last nine months as if it was.”   

The tragic news is affecting so much of our community.

“The loss of Breasia will create a ripple effect of trauma throughout our entire community from her mother, her siblings, her extended family members, her neighbors, her classmates, her teachers, school personnel,” said Nicole Cisne Durbin, president and CEO of Family Resources.

Chief Sikorski says that there is one thing left now. “We understand the desire to see the perpetrator of this crime brought to justice.”