A woman from Davenport discovers she has 2 brothers and a sister through a DNA test

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A woman discovers she has 2 brothers and a sister hundreds of miles away through a DNA test.

In 2019 April Fizer took a DNA test, that test provided some names and through social media she discovered she has 2 brothers and a sister.

Fizer took the DNA test in hopes of finding out who her father was sadly she learned that her father had passed away in August 1975 when she was 2-months-old. That’s when she gained the courage to reach out to one of her brothers.

“I messaged him my phone number if you have any questions or if you really want to find out if it’s true you’re free to call me ask anything so he called me we talked about stuff,” said Fizer. “Before we got off the phone he said and I love you I just broke down crying even more because I wasn’t expecting that so quickly, you know.”

People say there’s a resemblance between her and her father.

“A couple of friends I’ve showed it to even my husband said I do look like my dad yeah I didn’t think I did I said my face is too fat his is more slender but they say you look like him,” said Fizer.

James Hedgecock said he was 16 when their father passed away and he wishes he could’ve met April.

“The way I look at it is April belongs to my daddy so she belongs to me and she belongs to my family,” said Hedgecock. “So yes, the conversations are wonderful and I hope we have many more soon.”

This summer April and her siblings are planning to meet in person.

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