A woman from Davenport has come up with a product to help women feel safe

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A woman from Davenport has come up with a product to help women feel safer.

Kaylyn Waters developed a safe key chain which comes with pepper spray, self defense stick among other features.

She created this product after seeing violence go up in her community.

“I started looking into it and the majority of people that disappear in America are adults so I thought this would be a way to feel safe, provide safety for people so that they can go about their everyday lives without having to worry as much,” said Waters.

The Self Chain comes in different colors and has a lot to offer.

“Hand sanitizer holder, a chap-stick holder, pepper spray, self defense stick a puff and the bracelet,” said Waters.

Although Waters started her business just three weeks ago, she’s seen a lot of orders coming from out of state.

“A lot of our sales have come from other states actually so it’s been national most of them have come from California, Arizona, Florida,” said Waters.

Jacque Lewton said the Self Chain gives her added comfort for her especially since she works during the night.

“So coming in and out of building late at night when it’s dark I feel like it’s safe protects me at least getting from the building to my car and my car back to my house,” said Lewton. “I just thought that the product overall seemed like something I was really interested in for myself.”

She has even bought some Self Chain for other members in her family.

“I feel a little bit safer, I’ve ordered one for my sister, my aunt, my cousins so that they can all be safe too,” said Lewton.

Waters hopes her products will continue to protect women.

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