Abandoned and homeless animals increasing due to evictions

Local News

Financial hardships caused by the pandemic are greatly impacting families and their pets.

The King’s Harvest no-kill shelter in Davenport is seeing an increase in abandoned and homeless animals as some local families are being evicted.

The shelter is temporarily holding those pets until people get back on their feet again, but one worker says they are running out of room.

“We are at probably max capacity right now,” said Gabrielle Weeks. “We’ve been trying not to turn people away just because of, you know, with everything going on, you don’t want them ending up dumped. A lot of cats are getting dumped out in the country right now, dogs too, we’re getting calls about that. And you know, people living out there, people are dumping their animals off on them.”

Weeks says they are doing all they can to find forever homes for these animals.

They are featuring a lot of their rescues on Facebook and the local shelters are currently running specials for adoptions:

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