Abused and neglected dog brought to shelter dies

Local News

UPDATE King’s Harvest Pet Rescue is offering reward money worth $3000 for information that can help find the person responsible, the shelter announced in a Facebook post on Dec. 14.

EARLIER A badly wounded dog that was brought to the Kings Harvest Pet Rescue No Kill Shelter earlier Monday morning has died of internal injuries.

The dog Emmanuel, as named by the shelter, was brought there by a man who was walking his dog at the Scott County Park when he found Emmanuel by a tree.

The dog was admitted with injuries of intentional abuse and neglect, according to Rochelle Dougall, Assistant Director at the shelter.

Noticing the dog’s condition, the shelter immediately set up a donation fund and raised over $9000 through a Facebook post. (Warning: The post contains a graphic image of the dog’s injuries.)

Originally meant to help cover the extensive veterinary care that Emmanuel would have needed, the money will now go toward helping local cases of abuse and neglect, according Dougall.

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