The suspect in an assault on an East Moline police officer last fall has been found fit to stand trial.

Adrian Rogers made his first appearance this afternoon in Rock Island County Court. He remained silent, except to answer questions from Judge Frank Fuhr. A woman who identified herself to a court officer as Rogers’ sister sat in the courtroom.

Rogers had been found unfit to appear in court last November, after the judge and the defense and prosecution attorneys went to his cell for a fitness hearing. However, after being treated at the Chester Mental Health Center in Chester, Ill., a staff psychiatrist reported that they would testify that Rogers is fit to stand trial. The prosecution agreed with the assessment. The judge reinstated Rogers’ $500,000 bond.

According to court records, Rogers is accused of beating East Moline Police Sgt. William Lind back on October 24, 2022. A police report says Lind was attempting to make contact with Rogers regarding a fire in Rock Island at the time of the assault.

Rogers reportedly left the scene after the attack and Lind was found unconscious with head injuries by other officers. His injuries at the time were considered life threatening, but Lind continues to make a recovery.

Rogers’ next court appearance is a preliminary hearing on November 21 at 8:30 a.m. at the Rock Island County Courthouse.