Afghanistan refugees may soon be calling the Quad Cities their new home

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World Relief Quad Cities is one of nine agencies working with the Office of Refugee Resettlement and the Department of State to help out refugees with immigration documents.

Erica Parrigin is the World Relief Quad Cities spokesperson and said new refugees may soon be calling the Quad Cities their new home.

“SIVs are given a list of 12 major cities to choose from with Chicago being one of them so we do end up receiving a few evacuees they’ll be coming from Chicago so we are expecting a large increase of arrivals to the Quad Cities but right now we don’t have any numbers,” said Parrigin. “Right now I believe it’s 60,000 but that is the amount of refugees that are allowed into the US in any given fiscal year.”

World Relief Quad Cities does its best to make the transition to the U.S easier.

“We do help out with translation and interpretation we can enroll children in school and also sign up people for ESL classes we also do citizenship classes through NAI,” said Parrigin.

In previous years the organization has helped families from Afghanistan, some are now giving back to the community.

“We have resettled a few Afghan families there was one family who came about 10 years ago and the father came years later he was an SIV and he came through Russia and now their son recently graduated from Augustana College and he is actually helping with other Afghan families in the area through interpretating,” said Parrigin.

Refugees come to the country with limited things which is why World Relief is always accepting donations and help from volunteers.

“Donating items and volunteering some of our most major needs are household essentials like pots and pans and towels and bedding and people can also sign up and volunteer,” said Parrigin.

Afghanistan refugees could start arriving in the Quad Cities as soon as September.

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