After losing almost everything she had, Open Door Crisis Assistance helps fully furnish Davenport woman’s apartment

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Just a few weeks after losing almost everything she had, a Davenport woman just received the gift of a lifetime.

Open Door Crisis Assistance, a program of SAL Family and Community Services in the Quad Cities, helped Beverlee Bennett get a new apartment and furniture just weeks after she was evicted from Crestwood Apartments in August, due to the complex being deemed unsafe to live in. After helping Bennett secure a new apartment, Open Door connected her with one of their partner companies, Humble Dwellings, who ended up fully furnishing Bennett’s apartment for free.

“I would just like to tell those organizations that helped me thank you,” Bennett said. “I really appreciate it. I’m humbled by what they’ve done for me, and if there’s anything I can do for the organization as far as volunteering or anything like that, I’m open.”

The gift couldn’t have come at a better time for Bennett, as the past year has been hard on her, to say the very least. It all started in September of 2020, when Bennett lost her mother. Then, in February of this year, she left everything she owned in Kansas City and moved back home to the Quad Cities, hoping to find a better life, as she had been dealing with domestic violence. Then, she moved into Crestwood Apartments in Davenport in June, but was given the eviction notice just 22 days after moving in and paying two months worth of rent.

“It was devastating,” Bennett said. “And the way that it happened was even more devastating because I used all my money. So then I’m trying to figure out, what am I going to do now?

Just a few weeks ago when she was evicted from Crestwood Apartments, all Bennett had left was an air mattress, two lawn chairs, two folding tables and a few other household items she had bought at a thrift store. But, things started looking up when she made the connection with Open Door.

“We were invited to be part of the Crestwood event in Davenport to try to help those that were going to be homeless finding a place to stay and finding what they needed,” said Loredia Nunn-Dixon, director of Open Door.

Bennett says that after Open Door helped her secure a new place to stay and connected her with Humble Dwellings, she had no idea what plans they had in store for her.

“The ladies came in and they measured walls and they just went through my whole apartment, and I’m standing there in shock watching them, like, what are you guys getting ready to do?” Bennett said.

Then one day, she came home from work to a fully furnished apartment.

“When I came in here, oh my God, all I could do was say, ‘Thank you Jesus’, it was just so pretty in here,” she said.

Almost a year to the day of her mother’s passing, everything finally seems to be working out for Bennett.

“This month on the 25th, which is next Saturday, will be a year that she’s been gone,” Bennett said.

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