After losing an employee in a weekend car accident, Finn’s work-family comes together

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Finn's businesses will provide 25 percent of gross profits to Nathan Woods family to help with expenses.

A business owner in Milan wants to help the family of one of his employees who died this past weekend.

Joe Ende who owns Finn’s Grill, Finn’s Funn Spot and Finn AV said he hired Nathan Woods just a few months ago.

He told Local 4 News Woods became a part of just the workplace team but family.

Now that work-family is both mourning and stepping up.

Woods, 28-years-old, was killed late Sunday in a rollover accident on I-74 and I-80.

Ower Joe Ende said in a Facebook video Monday, “Been a really hard day for us at Finn.”

For owner Ende, a hole has been left in his business.

Ende said, “He was still new here.”

But in just a few months, Ende said Woods was quick to fit in with the all things Finn family.

“Always there to help, so even if he didn’t have the skill we needed, he had the drive that we needed, and he kept things fun and quirky and everything that we needed, so as he progressed through Finn, we found the things that he’s good at and that was in front of people,” said Ende.

Ende said he hired Woods to service in a jack of all trades role and excelled in that role.

What Ende said made Woods a good worker was even if he didn’t have previous training for a certain skill, he was eager to learn.

Ende said, “Became a part of the team so fast that he knew to lean on each other and he would take on a spatula not knowing how to cook [with] it, just asking questions as he’s cooking.”

It was Nathan’s aunt Ende said that first helped Woods get in the door for an interview.

Ende said, “I know Chris real well. She had Nate reach out to me about a job and because of what I know about Chris, without a doubt I would have considered Nate.”

And being natural working in hospitality is where Ende saw him thrive.

Ende said, “Job that he was immediately hired for wasn’t in front of a bunch of people all the time through Finn AV, because he was so good at it. We put him at the Grill a lot and at Funn Spot a lot because that’s where a lot of people were a lot of time and when somebody’s that bright to be around, you want him in front of people.”

While Finn’s take time to mourn, Ende said they’re also going to be there for Woods family.

Ende said, “We’re going to do a fundraiser to try to help Chris with some of these finances that hit her real fast. I’d rather her just be able to mourn and focus on him, and I’m going to take some of the load off that the best that we can.”

The plan is to provide 25 percent of their gross profit at the three Finn businesses for the next week to Nathan’s family.
It’s as his work family said he’s someone that will be remembered there because of the impact he left.

Ende said, “We say FUNN with two ns and all capital letters cause we’re FUNN and that’s what we try to maintain and Nate brought that every day.”

Ende also said him employees have offered to provide their tips for the next week to help out Woods family.

After the service for Woods, Ende told Local 4 News he’d like to have a benefit for the family and some kind of memorial at the restaurant.

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