UPDATE: In a post to his Facebook page, Silvis Mayor Matt Carter posted a copy of the notice of the vote of No Confidence and stated the following:

“Public notice! This is what a Mayor receives when disagreeing with the city council for termination of a longtime employee, and stands up against the council and defends the City Clerk, it’s (sic) duties and responsibilities. Sorry, I’m not part of the good old boy group!”

Local 4 has not yet received a statement from Alderment Trulson, Lohse, Dyer or Mayor Carter

EARLIER: Three Silvis aldermen have called for a vote of No Confidence against Mayor Matt Carter at the end of Tuesday’s regularly scheduled Committee of the Whole meeting.

First Ward Alderman Tony Trulson, Third Ward Alderman Rick Lohse and Fourth Ward Alderman Josh Dyer called for the vote against Carter, whose second term expires in 2025. Local 4 has reached out to Trulson, Lohse, Dyer and Carter for statements and we will bring them to you when they become available.

The next Committee of the Whole meeting takes place on Tuesday, February 21 at Silvis City Hall, 121 11th Street.