‘Algae buster’ to improve water quality at Nahant Marsh

Local News

You might notice clearer water at Nahant Marsh in Davenport.

Nahant is teaming up with a water restoration company to improve water quality.

The Chamber of Commerce held a ribbon cutting to celebrate the collaboration with Streamside Systems.

Nahant Marsh is part of a more than 500 acres of wetland bordered by the Mississippi River in southwest Davenport.

The restoration company will provide a new “vacuum-type” machine called the algae buster to help clean the marsh.

“It’s a bio-reactor. It uses an advanced material that has a lot of surface area and can generate billions of bacteria,” Streamside Systems COO Robert Sinkler said. “The bacteria will actually remove the algae that causes the problem, causes a lot of environmental problems and issues. When all of that occurs it improves water quality, so it’s basically a plug-and-play system. It’s non-chemical. It’s very easy to use.”

The water restoration company is ready to make improvements as the machine works near the river.

The plan is to put it on the market.

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