Andrew Yang comes to Davenport; confident going into caucus

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The countdown is on to the Iowa Caucus.

And today in front of a packed café, Andrew Yang made his case to Quad Cities voters.

“As your president, I would rebuild and reinvest our allies and friendships and partnerships abroad,” said Democratic Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang.

He spoke about foreign policy, strongly opposing the actions of President Trump in Iran.

He also spoke about something much closer to the Quad Cities area, job loss.

“Iowa 80 says 5000 people stop there everyday,” said Yang. “What will that number become when the trucks have no drivers? Its going to keep going down.”

And thats something he thinks he can fix.

“So there will be jobs, but they will be different, and unfortunately smaller in number,” said Yang. “We need to put the resources into community colleges and in some cases the freight companies themselves to be able to train and equip our workers with the skills they need. And I would be leading a massive in that direction as president.”

His confidence is high during his final push in the Hawkeye state.

And for good reason.

He’s making a good impression.

“I don’t know who’s number one on my list right now,” said Judith Rehder, an undecided voter. “And I have to hear it. And when I hear a man like Yang, he moves way up on my list.”

And is giving his supporters more insight into his ideas like the freedom dividend.

“I was able to hear that he fleshed that out a lot more,” said Jens Rehder, a Yang supporter. “So I’ve been impressed with him from the very beginning and certainly even more so today.”

And thats giving Yang a good feeling going into caucus night.

“Here in davenport we believe we’ll be well over the 15 percent threshold,” said Yang.

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