Local 4 News Chief Meteorologist Andy McCray is celebrating his 20th anniversary at Local 4 News.

Andy joined the Local 4 News team in the fall of 2002 after working at TV stations in Rhinelander, Wisconsin, and Rockford, Illinois.

His weather trivia is a popular contest through which he has asked thousands of questions and given away tens of thousands of dollars worth of prizes.  Want some free food or tickets? Play weather trivia with Andy every Monday through Friday.  

Andy graduated from Ohio State University with a bachelor of science in meteorology in 1999.  While he was in Columbus, he interned at two TV stations.

Long before his college days, he already had decided he wanted to be a meteorologist, and was a huge Weather Channel fan at the age of 8.

His family won a holiday decorating contest in Dayton, Ohio. Part of the prize was a local television broadcast of the weather “live” from the McCrays’ front yard. Andy officially was hooked on weather.

In 2004, Andy was awarded the National Weather Association Seal of Approval. Every three years, his seal is renewed based on his continuing meteorology education, including attendance at seminars all over the country.

Andy organized the WHBF-TV effort to become one of the first television stations in the country to be recognized by the National Weather Service as StormReady. In the spring of 2012, the station became one of the first 10 TV stations in the country to receive such recognition. 

Andy enjoys talking about the weather and is always willing to chat about the next thunderstorm or the next chance for snow.

He spent five years teaching Intro to Meteorology at Black Hawk College in Moline.

Andy’s also a big sports fan – always cheering for the Buckeyes – and likes to play golf and go for walks/runs around the neighborhood.

Congratulations and thanks, Andy, for always giving the community an accurate forecast … rain or shine!