Animal shelters continue to offer pet adoptions during the pandemic

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Animal shelters have to find new ways to help animals find homes during the pandemic.

Some of the local pet rescues are doing online applications and are meeting up in open spaces to get acquainted with the animals before they are adopted.

King’s Harvest Pet Rescue temporarily closed it’s doors to the public in late March due to the Coronavirus outbreak and had to find a new way to help animals find a new family.

Gabrielle Weeks is a veterinary technician assistant at King’s Harvest Pet Rescue and she said they are making sure that everyone is safe when they meet their forever friend.

“We’ve kinda switched over to curbside adoptions online applications it’s actually flowing pretty well a lot better than we figured it would,” said Weeks. “We just have people go online fill out an application once they’re approved if they’re interested in a dog we have them come here and then meet the dog outside so that nobody comes into the shelter.”

Ruff Life Dog Rescue of Illowa just celebrated their 4-year anniversary as a foster base rescue.

They closed their doors because they thought the stay-at-home order would only be for 2-weeks but decided to open up for adoptions.

Ashley Slota is the president of the foster base rescue and said that since the dogs are staying in foster homes, it is up to their foster parents where they would like to meet.

“We are going to require masks from everybody, social distancing as much as possible we have dogs that can do meet and greets at a park anything like that,” said Slota.

Both of the pet rescues said they’re doing everything they can to make sure these pets find a warm and loving home.

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