Animals rescued from a hoarding situation in Muscatine are now up for adoption.

Authorities charged Stephanie Dawn Harrison of Muscatine with several counts of animal neglect last week. Investigators say they found almost 30 pets in her camper in January.

Meagan Koehler is the president of It Takes A Village Animal Rescue and says they have cared for the animals since then.

“They’ve spent their time in foster. A few of them are still in the quarantine building with a few of the adults. They were the first ones to get fixed so that they can be adopted even sooner,” said Koehler.

After the pets lived in filth for most of their lives, the rescue is surprised at how well they are adapting.

“It was a much smoother adjustment then what we thought it would be after living in the conditions that they were,” said Koehler. “They craved love. They craved affection. They want a normal existence and they’re getting it.”

There are strict requirements when it comes to people adopting rescues from the nonprofit. That’s so the rescue can ensure families know what it takes to care for an animal that has been through so much.