Local nonprofits with capital or program needs can apply for fall 2023 grants from the Moline Foundation.

For the first time, applications can be made online here. Paper or email copies will not be accepted. The deadline for applying is Friday, September 22. “The new online application allows our nonprofit partners numerous benefits, most importantly the efficient use of time with easy access to the grant portal,” said Claudia Meenan, Director of Donor Services & Operations.

Grants are distributed to nonprofit agencies in The Moline Foundation service area and agencies and institutions funded primarily through tax support are not eligible to apply. For more information or help, email Claudia at cmeenan@molinefoundation.org.

Since 1953, The Moline Foundation has awarded more than $45 Million in grants to area nonprofits. The grants are made possible by The Moline Foundation’s donors—individuals, families, and organizations. For more information about the foundation, click here.