‘Architect,’ 11, gives Wonderland Christmas gift to Quad-Cities

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One 11-year-old Davenport boy has brought Christmas to life with his display of inflatables. Brayden Mildren is the architect behind Brayden’s Winter Wonderland, with more than 70 inflatables.

Mildren adds more inflatables each year. He loves bringing smiles to people’s faces.

“I like to do it every Christmas because I like to have a smile on everyone’s face and especially since this year it’s kind of worse so I like to see smile’s on people’s faces,” he said.

It started when he got his first inflatable and the rest is yuletide history. He starts planning in March how the yard will look come December, and he comes up with more elaborate designs each year.

“The yard is the same every year so you want to find a spot where there is none at and you’re just like we’re gonna get more on that side so you don’t have one side that’s just quiet. You gotta have it everywhere.”

Brayden’s dad, Bill, helps with the set up, but he wants everyone to know that it’s Brayden’s yard and he’s the one running the show.

“I’m pretty much the elf. I pretty much do what he tells me to do. I run the wires, make sure we have enough power coming out of the house,” his dad said. “He buys all the equipment. He buys it with his birthday money, Christmas money. All the stuff you see, it’s purchased by him.”

Managing the yard has given Brayden the chance to become quite the handyman. He’s learned new skills, like fixing motors.

“It takes a little bit of time, a little bit of patience because some of those motors are a little complicated to get in there and cut out the wires and this and that,” Brayden said.

Brayden’s Winter Wonderland is at 915 Idaho Ave., Davenport.

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