Will pot sales get the green light in Moline?

City officials are now considering the move.

Recreational cannabis sales become legal in Illinois starting January 1st but cities have the right to opt out of letting businesses sell it within their limits.

Moline’s mayor says they’re in the process of deciding what to do now.

Moline’s city administrator has published a request for information.

There are about 20 questions for anyone interested in selling recreational marijuana next year.

Questions include things like how many employees you might have and what your utilities or transportation needs might be.

Mayor Stephanie Acri says although another source of tax revenue would help with pensions and road construction, there are also concerns with allowing recreational marijuana sales.

She says right now, they’re just gathering all the information they can so they can make an informed decision on whether or not to opt out.

“I spoke with individual council members and some of the council is concerned about allowing that in the city of Moline, so we’re just– What we want to do is weigh the benefits against the problems that may come with it,” Acri says.

Acri says council members will discuss the responses and neighbors will also be able to weigh in on the council floor.

If city officials decide to allow pot sales, Acri says the next steps would be to figure out zoning and taxes.

Cities can charge up to a 3% tax on sales within the city and 3.75% in unincorporated areas.

But, Acri says, municipalities won’t be able to activate those taxes until September of 2020.

Acri says they hope to have Moline’s marijuana rules in place by the end of the year.

You can download Moline’s Request for Information forms below: