UPDATE: Chancy Lutheran Church has decided to cancel the drive-in church service for Palm Sunday after guidance from their local bishop.


Social distancing guidelines and bans on gatherings have made churches cancel their services.

But Chancy Lutheran Church in Clinton, Iowa is meeting again in time for Palm Sunday.

The service will take place in their parking lot.

The Church’s pastor Phil Harkey says the planned drive-in service is the best way to keep people engaged while keeping them safe.

“It’s really tough because we don’t know when we’re gonna be able to get back together, so we decided to do this curbside, or in the car service where people stay in their cars and can hear the service and we’ll try to worship that way. But we’re not gonna be doing communion any time that we’re having to do the social distancing it’s just too dangerous I think.”

Chancy’s drive-in service will start at 10:15 Sunday morning.