Argrow’s House helps domestic violence survivors find hope

Local News

On the outside, Argrow’s House in Davenport looks like an average home. On the inside, there’s support for women who need it most.

Teisha Haynes is a domestic violence survivor, and said the community she’s found here helped her find healing.

“It’s hard to do this by yourself, and you don’t have to,” she said. “The first year I did, and it was hard.”

Giving women a safe space is why Kit Evans-Ford started Argrow’s House.

“I think a lot of times, women when they’ve experienced abuse, they feel like they have to suffer in silence,” she said.

One of the unique wholistic services they provide is helping women make all-natural body products.

“Oftentimes women fleeing abuse don’t have money. And through our bath and body product company, we literally work to put money in the women’s pockets,” she said.

She said their goal is to give women purpose in their darkest times.

“We always say, hands that were once beaten black and blue are used to create something beautiful,” she said.

A link to their upcoming fundraiser can be found here.

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