Army-Navy rivalry comes to the Rock Island Arsenal

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Any time Army and Navy get together on football field, there’s always a lot on the line.

It doesn’t matter if its in an professional stadium or on a lawn at the Rock Island Arsenal, there’s always one thing on their mind.

“It means just another year of beating army and being better than the army as usual,” said Chief Patrick Zimmerman, the Navy team captain.

There’s also some fun involved.

“Go out there, just trashing talking, get feel like a kid again, like high school days. Show the talents that you got,” said Staff Sergeant Cleveland Harrell Jr., the Army team captain.

That’s exactly what they did this afternoon in flag football game.

But its about more than just winning.

“So having the camaraderie here on the base, both the army, navy, the marines the coast guard,” said Zimmerman. “Getting everyone together, having a little bit of fun. Having everybody thinking positively and having a good time.”

They might be supporting different teams this weekend, but the other days of the year, they’re on the same one.

“At the end of the day, we’re all service members, we all serve the country, protect the country,” said Harrell Jr. “So this is a good chance for us to be our own. Army be they own people, navy be they own.””

But winning still never hurts.

“We aren’t going to let them live it down,” said Harrell Jr. “I got three years here. I am never losing.”

Especially tomorrow.

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