Arsonist to blame for early-morning garage fire

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Some people in Davenport say escalating crime in their neighborhood has them on edge.

The latest incident happened last night.

Local 4 News was the only station there after a garage caught fire on West Ninth Street, near Washington Street. 

The fire marshal says an arsonist is behind it. 

Neighbors worry about the violence.

After knocking on several doors, we spoke to one neighbor named Jerry, who did not want to appear on camera. 

“I didn’t hear no sirens. I just saw the lights flashing. There was a truck here, one here in the back,” says Jerry.

He says he wouldn’t be surprised if the cause of the fire was due to an act of violence.

“It wouldn’t surprise me any at all because the way the neighborhood has turned. I mean, you’ll see kids coming down. It’ll be 50 to 60 kids over here at the side yard. It’s every night I come outside to pick garbage up because people don’t care.”

Jerry has lived in the neighborhood for 47 years. He says the once quiet neighborhood has turned into chaos.

“The guy over here at this house here, and he come out one day and saw some kids walking down the alley. One of them picked up a big old tree branch and threw it right through his window while he was standing there. He took off after them, but he couldn’t catch him. It’s just the way it is,” he says. 

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