Gunfire rang out early Sunday in downtown Davenport, and Local 4 News was the only station at the scene after it happened around 1:30 a.m.

The call came from the Redstone parking ramp at the intersection of 2nd and Brady streets. Police say dozens of shots were fired when they responded to an active shooter situation.

Police say about 80 shell casings were recovered from a shootout at the Redstone parking ramp. The bars were preparing to close for the night about the time the bullets flew.

“I was finishing up work and we’re at the top floor and I heard a bunch of pops,” said Ann Marie Tank. “I thought it was fireworks. One of my bartenders was out on the patio and he could see over to the parking garage at the Skybridge and he said ‘They’re shooting!’”

“And we went out there and heard a bunch of pop-pop-pop and then just saw a bunch of people scatter.” 

Tank says it quickly became a scary situation and she immediately worried about the safety of her and her staff.

“We’re still working,” Tank said. “There’s other bars and restaurants that are still operating at that time of night. So to have something like that downtown while we’re trying to have something nice is disheartening.” 

As the gunfire was exchanged, the exterior of the Figge Art Museum was heavily damaged, with 10 windows shot out. in addition to that, the Skybridge had damage to three windows.

“It was sad. It was disappointing that our own community would damage such an iconic building,” said Todd Woeber, chief financial officer for the Figge.

Woeber estimates the Figge has almost $100,000 in damage from the gunfire. Fortunately the damage was all on the exterior of the building.

“There was no interior penetration so no issues with opening the building,” Woeber said. “No operational issues. Heating and cooling systems are all running as normal. It’s really just an aesthetic.”