Artists with Quad City ties share their passion

Local News

Quad City Arts Gallery is displaying a new exhibit, featuring artwork from John Miller, Tim Schiffer, and Cris Rayburn.

Rayburn is showing off his creative photography of greenery you may ignore in places like parking lots.

He says he loves sharing the art with the community he grew up in.

“To have an opening and have your friends come and have a drink and talk to you about what you’re doing” Rayburn said. “And share that with you in a way you could never do at home or in your studio is a real honor and a privilege. “

Tim Schiffer is showing off watercolor paintings. He is formerly the director of the Figge Art Museum in Davenport.

Schiffer says it’s a way to share himself with the Quad Cities.

“It’s fun because, when I was at the Figge, you know my artwork was not a part of my identity there,” Schiffer said. “So it’s nice to have this opportunity to show.”

The exhibit is displaying at the Quad City Art Center until January 24th.

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