Alan Sweet is taking much of what he did for last year’s spectacular “Abbey Road” concert at Rock Island’s Schwiebert Riverfront Park, and supersizing it in a splendiferous sequel next month.

“Kaleidoscope Eyes” — named for a line in the first verse of the Beatles’ “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds” — will pull together a staggering variety of QC creative power for an All Sweat Productions Beatles tribute like you’ve never seen before.

Musical performances from over 25 of your favorite QC musicians will be accompanied by performances from AcroYoga Quad Cities’ circus and flow artists and members of the Quad City Symphony Orchestra.

On June 25 at 5 p.m., Schwiebert Park will be transformed into a unique, love-filled landscape with help from Rock Island Parks, Rexroat Sound, and Bent River Brewing.

A scene from the “Abbey Road” tribute concert Aug. 7, 2021 at Schwiebert Park, Rock Island (photo by Jonathan Turner).

Alan Sweet — co-founder and leader of All Sweat Productions, which specializes in bringing a diverse group of performers together in tribute to specific artists and/or albums — last year organized a huge reprise of his first concert, from May 2016 at the River Music Experience’s Redstone Room. That first was a Beatles tribute, including playing the landmark 1969 “Abbey Road” in its entirety.

On Aug. 7, 2021 at Schwiebert Park, a stellar lineup of about 30 musicians partnered on a program of many classics from the Fab Four in the first half (led by RME’s education coordinator, Ben Schwind), and the full “Abbey Road” in the second half. Many will return for “Kaleidoscope Eyes,” Sweet said.

Performers at last August’s All Sweat Beatles tribute concert at Schwiebert Park included Charlotte Boyer, center, Al Sweet and Ben Schwind, right (photo by Jonathan Turner).

“I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do and then just kind of seeing different stuff online with a couple of my friends doing circus performances and stuff like that, and I started dreaming,” Sweet — who works as collaboration coordinator at Davenport-based River Music Experience — said this week.

Inspired by “LOVE” and “Universe”

He was really inspired by the Cirque du Soleil “LOVE” (a multimedia Beatles extravaganza in Las Vegas) and the movie “Across The Universe.”

“That’s kind of what I decided to do is go after more of a visually emotional time after this and bring in different kinds of dancers, flow artists, circus performers —  jugglers, clowns, fire-breathers, all that kind of thing,” Sweet said.

“Kaleidoscope Eyes” will also incorporate a large screen with projections, to complete the visual complement to the music.

Last August’s All Sweat Productions show attracted 900 people to Schwiebert Park, Rock Island (photo by Jonathan Turner).

“The band is going to kind of be like more of like in the back — up on risers, kind of like the secondary part of it,” Sweet said.

He originally considered doing the landmark 1967 “Sgt. Pepper” album in its entirety.

“I just started thinking like, okay, how do I do something bigger and better?” Sweet said. “We were just going to do like a big colorful kind of idea, like ‘Yellow Submarine’ kind of thing, to do something for kids. So it’s like all those ideas started coming up and then as I started like visualizing it, it started kind of clicking.

“I think I needed a lot more for this one than the other ones that I’ve done,” he said. “And I wanted to kind of take that next step into collaborating, with a lot of different people instead of just musicians and partnering — because that’s my new job at the at the RME, to try to collaborate and coordinate and partner with as many people as I can.”

Sweet partnered with his pal Nikki Jones, who founded AcroYoga Quad Cities (AYQC) in 2016.

Adding acrobat/circus style

“I have a lot of other contacts around the Quad Cities, Iowa City, even Cedar Rapids, and we do all of these different circus acts and we’ve kind of brought it all together under that banner,” Jones said Friday. “So there’s about 15 of us that need to be doing everything from partner acrobatic to fire performance and aerial silks.”

Nikki Jones (second from left) and some of her partners in AcroYoga Quad Cities.

AYQC is a “floating studio” serving the QC with acroyoga classes, jams, workshops, and entertainment booking. AYQC also acts as a regional hub for the practice of AcroYoga, extending in a 100-mile radius of the QC.

Jones teaches AcroYoga all across the QC area, and the activity is flourishing nationwide. She anticipates the performers being part of the June 25 show throughout the night, on most songs, including aerial and fire acts.

“This is going to be like going to a concert but with the entire visual aspect as well,” she said. “You’ll see a little bit of everything. We really have tried to match the performance to the songs.”

“This is like a dream come true for me,” said Jones, who’s been friends with Sweet for years. “I’ve been doing all of these things for a long time. I never expected to have the opportunity to like really put it on stage and especially to the Beatles.”

AcroYoga Quad Cities combines the best of acrobatics, yoga, and circus-like performances.

Before the show, the AcroYoga members will be in the park to do mini-demonstrations and training for people. “They’ll be pop-up performance around the park before the show starts,” Jones said.

She is a multi-disciplined mind-body therapist trained in Yoga, Health & Wellness Coaching, and Traditional Thai Medicine. Drawing upon her own journey of healing and personal growth, Nikki’s practice is focused on caring for the mind, body, and spirit holistically through routine self-care and mindset shifts.

To learn more about her health and wellness business, click HERE. For tickets ($12) to “Kaleidoscope Eyes,” click HERE.