About two dozen artists and bands are coming together for a special fundraiser on Thursday, March 31.

Starting at 3 p.m., Bettendorf-based Joy Avenue Media is hosting an eight-hour benefit concert — “Playing for Peace,” to raise money for medical supplies and care for Ukrainian refugees. 100 percent of proceeds will go to the humanitarian organization Razom.

Guitarist Chris Avey and lead singer Jeni Grouws of the Avey Grouws Band in performance. (photo credit Darren Schultz)

The performing lineup for the virtual concert consists of 19 Quad Cities artists (to play at the Joy Avenue studio), four that will livestream from out of state, and more to be announced:

  • Winterland
  • Orangadang!
  • Bobby Chance
  • Tiffany Christopher
  • David G. Smith
  • Jason Carl
  • Piso’s Cure
  • Randy Leasman
  • The Myers Brothers
  • Soultru
  • Al Sweet
  • Jordan Danielson
  • Jenny Lynn Stacy
  • The Wontu Trees
  • Douglas and Tucker
  • Chrash
  • The Velies
  • Kris Lager
  • Logan Springer and the Wonderfully Wild
  • Manuel3
  • The Dawn
  • The Ballroom Thieves
  • The Avey Grouws Band

“The crisis in Ukraine was just eating away at me; I needed to do something and I wanted it to be big,” Dustin Cobb, owner of Joy Avenue Media, said Monday. “I had so many people interested in getting involved. The more names, the more people we got, the more money we could raise.”

Cobb has set a $50,000 fundraising goal, and all the musicians he asked to donate their time agreed to take part.

“This thing all came together really quickly,” he said. “It’s been like 8 to 10 days ago.”

Cobb reached out to some Ukrainian people in the QC, for recommendations on the beneficiary organization for the fundraiser. Razom was the consensus choice, for their depth of commitment and experience working to help the nation under brutal attack by Russia.

Razom, which means “together” in Ukrainian, “believes deeply in the enormous potential of dedicated volunteers around the world united by a single goal: to unlock the potential of Ukraine,” according to its website.

Razom volunteers are involved in all aspects of bringing peace and victory to Ukraine — humanitarian aid, medical and tactical medicine supplies, aid to civilians and civilian territorial defenses, advocacy work, communications work, logistics and evacuation support, fundraising, coordinating, organizing, and rallying.

“Sanctions can’t and don’t stop bombs and artillery,” Razom posted on Facebook Monday. “Russia does not respect ceasefires, negotiations, diplomacy, or de-escalation efforts. Ukraine needs help from its partners, from the entire democratic world. Ukraine was given security assurances in exchange for it giving up its nuclear arsenal, the third largest in the world at the time. Now would be a great time for Ukraine to have its security assured and peace restored across Ukraine.”

“They already have the infrastructure and pipeline going,” Cobb said of the group.

“Thank you so much for starting a fundraiser for Razom,” the nonprofit posted about the QC event Monday afternoon. “The money raised will be going to our Razom Emergency Response Fund aimed at helping Ukraine and Ukrainians by supplying medical supplies and tactical medicine kits, as well as humanitarian aid to those that need it most right now. Every dollar counts and makes a difference as the needs are critical and evolving everyday.”

To donate for the QC concert, visit the event Facebook page or the Joy Avenue Media page.