Nine contestants have advanced to the championship round in the first Quad Cities Karaoke Championship, to be held in the Rhythm Room at Rhythm City Casino Resort (7077 Elmore Ave., Davenport) on Thursday, Aug. 24th at 7 p.m.

The top contestants will compete for the title of the QC Karaoke Champion and the top three will share $1,500 in cash prizes, according to a Tuesday press release. The final nine contestants are:

  • Alias Holman, Moline
  • Brittany Calvert, Erie, Ill.
  • Donte Nystrom, Davenport
  • Kim Magee, Hampton, Ill.
  • Dylan Rohm, Columbus Junction, Iowa
  • Valerie Ebenroth, Cordova, Ill.
  • Lauren Larson, East Moline
  • Teresa Canten, Geneseo
  • Tonya Dawes-Gass, Geneseo

The event is free and anyone 21 years of age or over can attend.

The Quad Cities Karaoke Championship will be held Thursday, Aug. 24 at 7 p.m. in Rhythm City Casino’s Rhythm Room.

“Competition has been fierce, and judges have had to make some hard decisions to advance these final nine contestants,” event organizer Chris Pierce said in the release. “So many others in the competition were eliminated based on very closes scores, however, the exposure has been positive for all that participated this year.”

2023 is the first year for this one-of-a-kind QC music scene competition. The format was designed to provide a competitive format for regional talent to share their voices with new audiences, and support locally owned small businesses, the release said.

Nine locally-owned bars hosted qualifying rounds and more than 120 singers competed. Host bars report that the event has drawn great crowds, pleasing both regular and new customers.

The event was imagined by Lynn Hunt, co-owner of the No. 1 dive bar in the USA, The Edge Eatery & Drinkatorium in Rapids City, Ill., and Chris Pierce, business consultant, talented singer and entrepreneur.

Committee members Missy Anderson and Vanessa Whitworth also have provided tremendous support and assistance to make QCKC possible, the release said.