Quad Cities paranormal investigator Aaron G. Thompson is in the spotlight as one of the stars of the new Netflix limited series, “28 Days Haunted.”

The 40-year-old native of Andalusia — who graduated from Rockridge High School in 2001 an attended Black Hawk College — filmed the series in summer 2021. The paranormal reality-horror show hit number 5 on the streamer within its first week last month.

Aaron Thompson, 40, has loved ghost hunting since he was in high school in 1999.

Thompson has always had a burning passion for “’ghost hunting,” and the proficiency of public speaking by his desire to provide information to paranormal centric communities and enthusiasts, he said recently. He has researched and collected data in conjunction with phenomena surrounding the afterlife since 1999.

A Newsweek story wrote: “If you are a fan of Unsolved MysteriesBeware the Slenderman and The Mothman Legacy you will not want to miss 28 Days Haunted on Netflix.”

The six-episode series (which follows three teams of ghost hunters) uses the theory put forward by famed paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren, who believed it takes a total of 28 days to make the connection between the human and spirit worlds. As a result, ghost hunters spend 28 days in the haunted buildings in a bid to make a link to another world.

A scene from “28 Days Haunted” with Thompson at right.

28 Days Haunted investigates three haunted buildings across the United States, searching for evidence of paranormal activity. The trio of Sean Austin, Nick Simons, and Aaron Thompson were assigned to Captain Grant’s Inn in Preston, Connecticut.

The participants were not informed about the place they will spend the next 28 days in, and they were blindfolded on their trip to the haunted building. During the stay, the investigators cannot contact anyone from the outside, and they must get to the bottom of secrets that haunt their temporary residences.

Thompson celebrating the success of the Netflix series.

Thompson said this week that while they were at the historic 1754 Captain Grant’s, there was no one staying at the inn (located between the popular Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun Casinos in eastern Connecticut).

He answered these questions about the unique experience:

What was the experience like filming?

“It felt natural – it was a job… but I felt equipped for the task.”

What are Nick and Sean’s backgrounds?

“Nick has been working as a paranormal investigator with me since 2009. Sean has been on 2 other TV shows (“Demon Files” and “Ghost Loop”) – and he was my demonologist.”

Thompson (center) attended a QC Haunts tour of downtown Rock Island the last weekend of October.

What tools do you use ghost hunting?

“Atmospheric data reading & gathering devices (ie Electromagnetic Field Detector), and spiritual communication devices (ie Spirit [ghost] box) & digital recording for Electronic Voice Phnomena (EVP) captures. To name a few.”

What was the result of the CT inn work?

“I think you’ll have to binge of ’28 Days Haunted’ for the best answer there lol.” 

What was your reaction to the show on Netflix?

“It was a great piece of entertainment… taking 24/7 video/audio content for over 3 months of work — put into 3 hours, total. I would like to have seen more science-based data displayed… however it’s a fun ride.”

Why is it so popular?

“The greatest question of all, ‘What’s it like when we die?’, there’s a fantasy aspect to it… drives imagination. There’s also a very real element that researchers tackle on the daily. 

Thompson recently led “ghost” tours for the German American Heritage Center, “The Darker Side of Davenport,” and he makes high-quality glow rings (perfect for working in the dark) that he sells.

One of Thompson’s hand-crafted rings.

“Because I got into the art of crafting these, now I can share this passion at a cut of the cost to my supporters,” he said. “It provides a very personally beautiful piece to their world — supporting my push to research more consistently full time.”

Since “28 Days Haunted” has been out, Thompson has gotten many more requests for paranormal investigations.

“The messages are coming in. It’s incredibly humbling,” he said. His orders for rings also have him backed up into January 2023.

A 2001 Rockridge High alum, Thompson is an entrepreneur in the Quad Cities.

For more information on Thompson, visit his website.