The English rock band Arctic Monkeys are touring the world and a bit of Rock Island has made it onto their pre-show set, courtesy of a QC native.

Rock Island High alum Ben Chappell (who’s based in Nashville, Tenn.) is creative director for the band, for which he’s directed several music videos, starting in 2011. (He has also directed music videos for fellow Rocky native Lissie Maurus.)

Chappell designed a new set for this new world tour, a “vintage feeling design with a large circular projection screen in the middle,” he texted from London Wednesday night. He wanted to make a test pattern to fit the circle for when the crew set up the show every night.

The Arctic Monkeys in concert in December 2020.

He came across an old WHBF-TV test pattern, which displays the call letters and Rock Island, Illinois, and Chappell recreated a version for use in the Arctic Monkeys pre-show on each stage. The WHBF logo is only used in rehearsals, so unless fans come in very early, they don’t see it during the concerts, he said.

“It was a standard test pattern that stations put their own text on,” Chappell said. They usually use the version of the color pinwheel with no text on it, he noted. “It was just a thing I had for when the crew are setting up,” he said. “It’s a very large production.”

An image of the WHBF test pattern was used today, Aug. 18, outside in a concert in Prague, Czech Republic (courtesy of André Araujo).

The band (from northern England) is set to play in Prague Thursday night, and over the next month in the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, France, England, Spain, Portugal, and Ireland before coming to America for two shows — Sept. 16 in Las Vegas and Sept. 18 in Los Angeles.

For more information, visit the band website.