Attempt to lure child into car with candy in Bettendorf shakes up 12-year-old boy

Local News

A close call for a 12-year-old boy in Bettendorf after he says two men tried to lure him into their car with candy on Wednesday.

It happened at the corner of Deertrail Road and Treeline Drive Wednesday evening.

One of the men in the car asked the boy to sit on his lap to get candy.
Gabriel Richter then biked around the corner, and hid in a bush a few houses away.

We asked Gabriel what was going through his mind when he found himself in a threatening situation.

“When i got home, i thought it was all a lie. that couldn’t have just happened. my head just wants to say it was a lie, it didn’t happen, but it happened.”

There was a similar incident reported Thursday night just a couple of blocks away involving two girls.

We spoke with Bettendorf Police Captain Justin Paul.

He says, they believe that the two incidents this week are separate, and that it’s most likely teenagers being foolish.

But he still advises to be cautious.

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