Augustana biology professor uses fashion to talk about bugs

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It helps people see insects in a different light. 

A local professor is using fashion to start a conversation about insects. 

Entomologist and biology professor Tierney Brosius is on a mission to help people see the beauty in bugs through fashion. 

“I’ve been collecting insect fashion items since I was in graduate school. Everytime I would see a shirt with an insect on it, I would buy it,” she said. “I was building up a nice little collection, and one time I was like, I wonder how many days I can go consecutively wearing a unique piece of clothing.” 

This is now her third spring Ento-Fashion Challenge, and she’s going for 40 consecutive days. She documents each outfit on her Instagram account with the username Dr. Beetle. 

“People come there for fashion, but then I try to incorporate some educational parts to it. I like to think that I’m doing a bit of public outreach. Talking about insects, why they’re amazing, and also kind of sharing my love and passion,” she said. 

From head to toe and shoes to sweaters, Brosius is making a statement with hopes of changing people’s minds about bugs. 

“The biggest misconception about insects is that most of them are harmful and scary, when actually it’s a very small minority that are causing the problems for most people. So I would say 99% of insects out there are either not bothering us, or they’re providing vital services for humans,” she said. 

It’s a fun hobby with a greater meaning. 

“Come for the clothes, stay for the science,” she said. 

Brosius made a few of the pieces featured in this story. Her next project is sewing a dress for the fall.

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