Augustana fraternity faces backlash after using revealing pictures during recruitment event

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UPDATE: Augustana’s Dean of Students has announced that Phi Omega Phi will be immediately suspended while they review the situation.

EARLIER: Students at Augustana College are demanding action from the administration after Phi Omega Phi, a fraternity on campus, used revealing pictures of females during a recent recruitment event.

Students met on campus Thursday night to discuss their concerns with Phi Omega Phi, as well as their dissatisfaction with past administrative responses.

The Phi Omega Phi fraternity released a statement admitting to showing revealing photos of female peers, and apologized for their behavior.

In an email to the student body, Vice President and Dean of Students Wesley Brooks said the following:

“Good evening.

It is important for me to share information that is provided annually to the Greek Life community during New Member Period training. Today I want to emphasize to you that Augustana College takes the well-being of our students very seriously. 

Being involved in student groups at Augustana is an impactful part of the educational experience. A majority of the time student groups do an excellent job contributing to the positive growth and development of members. However, in challenging times, we have the college’s Student Code of Conduct as a guide. And, enforcement of these expectations also present learning opportunities.

When the Dean of Students Office is made aware of a concerning situation, like what was mentioned in the recent public apology written from Greek Life members in Phi Omega Phi and distributed to all students, the necessary actions are taken. Our office is focused on providing a fair and timely process. Much of this work is private and time consuming, and it is often underway before the greater community is aware. Our responses will be consistent with our role as an educational institution. 

We are committed to providing, promoting and supporting high quality programs that align with the mission and values of Augustana. When student conduct falls short, appropriate actions are taken based on the findings of an investigation. Details of an investigation and its outcome are rarely made public.  

I look forward to continuing to support student groups and will do so by showing care and expecting responsibility, accountability, openness and respect.”

Phi Omega Phi was also a group that was at the center of controversy last year, after a video was released of people caught on camera making derogatory comments about a female (SEE BELOW). That video also sparked protests from students on campus demanding that the administration take action against those who were speaking in the video as well as their affiliated groups.

Phi Omega Phi “cut ties” with one member of their fraternity after that video surfaced.

WARNING: The following video has strong language and some may find it disturbing.

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