Augustana remembers a football icon

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Former Vikings head coach Bob Reade passed away Sunday. Reade led the program to 4 straight Division III national titles from 1983 through 1986.

Reade found this success while only requiring players to attend practices–rather than holding football and positional meetings.

“You get better concentration with players,” Dennis Riccio said. “When players know that they’re gonna be on the field for two hours and that’s it for the day, you get more out of them. You get more effort and you expect more effort from them. I think as players in their situation and expectations they realize that you can be extremely successful at something, and still have a life. With family, for friends, to be able to do other things in your life.”

Riccio said that Reade made him feel like family.

“We had a son that was in high school at the time,” Riccio said. “He invited Lance to go on the trip to Dayton and other trips where he didn’t really have to do that. And I think that’s something that I appreciated. We felt like we were always important to him.”

One of Reade’s players, Greg King, is passing on the lessons he learned from his coach to the next generation of football players at Sterling High School.

“Hard work and perseverance. But even more than that, teamwork,” King said. “You know in his system offensively and defensively, Everybody had to work together. In the world today, people work together great things can be accomplished and pretty good things were accomplished while I was at Augustana and later, just because of the tutelage of Coach Reade.”

Reade was 87 years old.

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