Auto repair shop owner gives advice on how to keep vehicles in tiptop shape during extreme winter weather conditions

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Driving in cold weather can certainly be dangerous, and taking care of your car can help you get where you need to be safely.

Brian Gramenz, the owner of Shawn’s Auto Service in Bettendorf, has some recommendations for keeping you and your vehicle as safe as possible.

That includes making sure you keep your gas tank full and scraping all ice and snow off your car before you take off anywhere.

He also recommends getting an oil change, if needed, because your car will need all of the help it can get.

“General maintenance as a rule is very important, especially on today’s cars,” said Gramenz. “If your car is close to an oil change, $30-$40 is a cheap insurance. Go get it changed now because, as you drive the car, the oil thins out. If you thin it out, the colder it is, it can actually do premature wear on the motor.”

When you are driving, be sure to take it slow because there could be black ice.

If you find yourself stuck on the side of the road, make sure to call roadside assistance first before trying to get out on your own.

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