Meet Davenport resident Kennedy Hoeck and her seven-month-old baby Journey.

Hoeck says Journey has had significant digestive issues with different formulas. She says the only formula that works is PurAmino, which is a hypoallergenic, amino-acid-based formula. Hoeck says she is having a hard time finding this formula both online and on the shelves.

“There was one day that I was really low, and I had maybe a half a can left, and I called over 74 Walgreens and not a single place had it,” said Hoeck.

Hoeck says many of the stores she has called aren’t able to order the formula. She has had a little success on Facebook “mom groups” but still struggles to find PurAmino.

“I’m willing to drive far to get formula because my baby has to eat, but what’s the point of driving if they’re just not going to have them,” said Hoeck.