The Battle Within: DJ Carton’s journey through mental health (pt. 1)

The Battle Within

DJ Carton is known to many in the Quad Cities as a great athlete and basketball player at Bettendorf High School. But during his time at Bettendorf and Ohio State DJ was dealing with some mental health issues.

Carton was heavy recruited out of high school, and hated the fact that he had to tell coaches, “no.” DJ also did not like the social media attention and how everyone just knew him as the basketball player.

At Ohio State Carton’s issues got worst and he eventually lost 25 pounds due to an eating disorder. The people closest to Carton saw him change, and worried about him mentally.

During the second part of the series, DJ will confront his issues and take a break from basketball. Tune into Local 4 at 5 tomorrow for that piece.

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