The Battle Within: DJ Carton’s journey through mental health (pt. 2)

The Battle Within

January 30th, 2020 is a date that DJ Carton and his family will remember forever. That’s the day he left Ohio State. Many Questioned if DJ would ever play basketball again but for the Carton’s they just wanted to make sure DJ was DJ again.

The night he left Ohio State he was being evaluated by their therapist and the doctor for being suicidal. When he went back home in Bettendorf things did not get better and DJ struggled with the smallest activities.

“Things became even more difficult, watching him eat was physically impossible. We would go to an event and he would make himself eat and you would see him go almost throwing up in his month trying to force himself to eat a hamburger. It was so hard to watch. His favorite foods he would eat he couldn’t even eat them” said Jennifer and Dale Carton DJ’s mother and father.

The news that DJ left Ohio State got out quickly but DJ did not shy away from the attention. He wanted everyone to know why he did it.

“I told them I wanted to make it public to why I was doing it and I told them because I wanted to help people out. Because I saw myself in a spot where I knew I was going through stuff and I knew things in my life were hard but I also thought it was a weakness to tell people about it” said Carton.

During that time at home, DJ built a strong bond with his family and took time to focus on himself.

After 6 months away from the game DJ decided to play at Marquette, but he still needs to trust that his coaches love DJ the person not just the basketball player.

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